Psilocybin Peppermint Tea

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Tea is one of the best ways to enjoy Magic Mushrooms. It’s easy on the stomach, tastes good and your body absorbs it faster. Our delicious Psilocybin Tea comes in Peppermint flavour. This is the only option of tea that is non-caffeinated. The minty flavour helps to hide the taste of the Magic Mushroom. Each tea bag contain 1 gram of Organic Psilocybe/Psilocybin. This level of concentration is ideal for beginners and delivers a mild to medium psychedelic experience. Let your mind and body loose with some premium Psilocybin Peppermint Herbal Tea.

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Peppermint is a minty herb native to Europe and Asia. For hundreds of years, people have used peppermint both as a flavoring and for its medicinal properties. Some of the health benefits of Peppermint includes relief from tension headaches, better digestion and boost of energy. A blend of Peppermint & 1 gram of Organic Psilocybe/Psilocybin which makes this herbal tea truly invigorating.

After ingesting the tea the effects will take place within an hour. You will experience visual and auditory hallucinations along with an enhanced sensation, lightness and euphoria.


Boil hot water and let it rest for 1 minute before pouring over the tea bag. Let the tea steep for 10 minutes before drinking the tea. You can steep another cup of tea with the same tea bag. For flavouring you can add some honey to the tea.

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26 reviews for Psilocybin Peppermint Tea

  1. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Just as good as the tea I received as a sample with my very first trial order. The onset of the experience peaked while I was watching the train scene in MI Dead Reckoning Part 1. Wow.

  2. John H. (verified owner)

    Amazing Tea!

  3. Amin A. (verified owner)

    I liked this! Not too strong for me (to experience a trip), but absolutely more than a single micro-dose! I don’t drink a lot, because I have my micro-dosing schedule now, but it’s good to have it from time to time, instead of the “bad drugs”! (alcohol, and…).
    You won’t get a hangover by magic mushroom. No addiction. Nothing! you brain would appreciate it!

  4. Jacques M. (verified owner)

    Mon favori en semaine

  5. Gil (verified owner)

    Only thing was I should of ordered more!

  6. Dawn N. (verified owner)

    A nice way to start the morning . Really liked the peppermint flavour …
    a mild energy boost

  7. Matthew (verified owner)

    Wonderfully packaged and arrived quickly. Smells divine. Can’t wait to have a proper tea time

  8. Danielle (verified owner)

    Love this

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Tasted great and was effective!

  10. Angela P. (verified owner)

    Excellent experience, purchase and the trip. Easy to know how much you are enjoying and what you are in for.

  11. Andrew R. (verified owner)

    Very relaxing

  12. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    My first time with shrooms ever. Took it at 4:30pm- felt it around 5:30-6. And I couldn’t stop giggling. Great experience.

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So relaxing, definitely good for beginner’s

  14. James M. (verified owner)

    Very nice morning beverage.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)


  17. Heather S. (verified owner)

    My favourite tea and mushrooms together… great combo!

  18. Annie Kijanka (verified owner)


  19. Hannah S. (verified owner)

    So lovely, highly recommend

  20. Angela Petta (verified owner)

    Really lovely, gentle and colourful experience. Tastes only of peppermint tea, for those like me who aren’t keen on bitter flavors. Delicious.

  21. Laurie Ann Scott (verified owner)

    A wonderful cuppa

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nothin bad about this. It’s a solid tea, with great effects.

  23. Scott (verified owner)

    Tastes just like peppermint tea, very easy to drink, made our camping afternoon that much more fun.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great taste and gets you high!

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good products

  26. Jose (verified owner)

    Helped my mothers deep bladder pain. She’s been dealing with terrible pains and for the first time ever she’s experienced relief. She now has deep gratitude towards the mushroom and can’t wait for her next experience 🙂

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