Big Boy Infused Cannabis Pre-Roll


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Looking to elevate your pre-roll experience beyond the ordinary? Immerse yourself in Big Boys’ iconic premium assortment of infused pre-rolls. Our Flavours are meticulously crafted using our exclusive cannabis strains, enriched with AAAA Kief, a bespoke blend of all-natural terpenes, and Delta-9 distillate, our signature Infused Pre-Rolls (500mg) are designed to surpass your expectations.

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Dive into the world of luxurious smoking with Big Boy premium pre-rolls! Our flavours are painstakingly crafted with unmatched finesse, we only use the crème de la crème of ingredients. Why blend in when you can stand out? Our promise? Zero shortcuts, 100% excellence. Imagine this: A masterfully blended fusion of top-shelf Cannabis THC distillate, vibrant terpenes, all crowned with a lavish sprinkle of kief for that extra oomph! Elevate your smoking game – there’s nothing out there quite like Big Boy pre-rolls. Grab yours and light up the difference!

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-1 Premium Infused Pre-roll (500mg)

Flavour & Aroma

Tropic Thunder: Entices your senses with its fruity and sweet flavor profile, gently infused with subtle notes of pineapple and coconut. Each inhale will transport you to a state of bliss, making every puff a delightful escape.

Nature’s Grasp: Gently hints at the essence of herbal blooms! Tangy hints of citrus with subtle notes of lavender that will transport you to a tranquil wander through a field of untamed wildflowers.

Citrus Bomb: Enchants with a zesty burst that evokes the freshness of just-picked lemons and citrus fruits, delivering a lively and invigorating experience!

Cheap Perfume: Offers a flavor profile that is anything but inexpensive. Its scent and taste evoke sweet candy with fruity undertones of strawberry, and upon exhaling, it leaves a delightful hint of banana milkshake.

Candy Cloud: Just a single toke, and you’ll find yourself drifting on a fluffy cloud of sweet candy! The flavor profile perfectly lives up to its name, with an aroma that’s reminiscent of delightful, sugary treats, ensuring you’re in for a blissful ride!

-Premium In-House Cannabis ( Indica Hybrid )
-Delta-9 THC Distillate
-Custom blend of Natural Terpenes
-AAAA Kief

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Tropic Thunder, Nature's Grasp, Citrus Bomb, Cheap Perfume, Candy Cloud


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