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  • Sale! Nummy Bear THC Gummy BearsNummy Bear THC Watermelon Gummies

    Nummy Land THC Gummy Bears


    Nummy Land THC Gummy Bears have come out of the woods! Get ready to be embraced by her big ol’ bear hug! These delicious Mama Bears have all the love in the world to share. They come in all the colours of the rainbow so you get to experience every delightful flavour in our sweet shop.

    Due to the dosing, Nummy Bears are super versatile. You can take as many as needed unlike some other brands that serve just one giant piece. You never have to take more than you feel comfortable with. It is also great for sharing with friends.

    • Packaged piece by piece with love for individual quality control
    • Locally sourced ingredients and hand poured one-by-one with care
    • Great for beginners or experienced users

    Some of the benefits of consuming THC gummies opposed to traditionally smoking it:

    – No smell
    – Conveniently packaged and can be discreetly used anytime
    – Better for your lungs
    – Stronger body high due the digestion method
    – Tastes like candy
    – No user error like when smoking it (beginners)


    Contains: 10x 50mg Gummy Bears (Total 500mg)

    Flavours: Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Raspberry, Melon, Grape, Peach

    Ingredients: D9 THC distillate, organic cane sugar, glucose syrup, water, gelatin, citric acid, natural and artificial flavour, colouring.


  • Moon Base Medics THC Gummy- Grape

    Moon Base Medics: Warp Speed Fast Acting 50mg THC Gummy – Grape


    Our warp speed THC gummies have been engineered, with moon technology, to bring you a completely different experience from traditional Cannabis edibles. The THC molecules have been uniquely broken down by our formula so your body does not need to wait for the digestive process to begin feeling the effects. As you chew our Moon Bars and your mouth begins to water the THC molecules are able to pass through the lining of your mouth and begin absorbing immediately, activating within seconds to minutes. Whatever isn’t absorbed through at first will quickly be digested delivering a uniquely balanced and stable experience.

    • take back control of your experience, no more guessing and waiting
    • choose to microdose throughout the day without feeling overwhelmed
    • a significant alternative to smoking or vaping

    Flavour: Grape

    Content per package: 2x 50mg Gummy Bars (100mg Total)

    For a traditional feeling from Cannabis edibles that is stronger and more powerful we still recommend our high dose, regular THC gummies.