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    Psilocybe: Buy Melmac Penis Envy


    Buy Melmac Penis Envy


    Melmac Penis Envy magic mushroom is definitely a must try strain for experienced users. Like the original Penis Envy shroom, this one is just as potent. Many people report experiencing a deep shamanic and spiritual experience. Because of its high potency ego-loss may also be something you might face. At lower doses, this strain is great for treating depression because it gives a very uplifting and energetic high. Whether it’s a night in or social gathering, this magic mushroom is very versatile and can adapt to different environments.

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    Psilocybe: Buy PES Amazonian


    Buy PES Amazonian


    PES Amazonian Cubensis are a popular choice of Magic Mushroom that have been around for more than 40 years. It was first discovered in the Amazon rain forest by a company called Pacifica Spora. This strain of mushroom is considered to be very potent because of its high Psilocybin and Psilocin concentration. When using dosages over 2 grams, people report experiencing intense visuals and euphoria.

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    Psilocybe: Buy Daddy Long Legs


    Buy Daddy Long Legs

    The Daddy Long Legs magic mushroom is indigenous to the Fraser Valley region of Vancouver, BC. This is a mushroom that has been around for thousands of years but has only been cultivated in the early 1990s. This strain of mushroom got its name from its thin and long stalk which resembles that of the Daddy Long Legs spider. Known for its potency, the Daddy Long Legs promotes a strong visual stimulation, deep body buzz and heighten socialization and feels of love. This strain is surging in popularity due to its psychotropic effects.

    The Daddy Long Legs is known for its potency and strong visual effects. At higher doses, users have reported intense colours, pattern immersion and waviness. Not only do you experience visual effects, this mushroom promotes strong euphoric notes comparable to those of the Blue Meanie. This is a great magic mushroom to use if you are searching for inner peace and harmony. Try this wonderful strain of shroom out today!

  • Sale! Buy Great White Monster

    Psilocybe: Buy Great White Monster


    Buy Great White Monster


    Great White Monster magic mushroom is emerging as one of the more popular strains among Shroom users. This Albino mutate strain is known to provide a high psychedelic effect. At lower doses, this is a great strain to help ease anxiety and depression. At higher doses, you can expect to see fractal patterns and hallucinations. The Great White Monster is a medical patient’s dream come true with its therapeutic healing properties.

  • Buy Costa Rican

    Psilocybe: Buy Costa Rican


    Buy Costa Rican Magic Mushrooms

    Costa Rican magic mushrooms are another popular strain for beginners and intermediate shroomers. This strain is very versatile as it can be used in a social setting or by yourself. It provides warm visuals and a spiritual experience. People who use this Shroom can expect warmth in your heart and feelings of deep social connection. You can also except some light visual hallucinations. Share some endless laughter with friends and try this awesome strain out today!

  • Sale! Buy Gold Member

    Psilocybe: Buy Gold Member


    Are you ready to embark on a magical journey? Gold Member Magic Mushrooms will take you there! They are the result of a match made in mushroom heaven – two of the most sought-after strains have joined forces: Golden Teachers and Penis Envy. Imagine the powerful concoction your taste buds will experience when these shroom giants come together in a single, powerful strain. This shroom is crafted from the finest natural ingredients and provides an extraordinary experience that puts you in touch with your deepest feelings and creative powers. Gold Member mushrooms offer an out-of-this-world spiritual exploration like no other strain can provide – boosting creativity, perspective clarity, and increased mental insight that cannot be underestimated.

  • Sale! Buy Trinity Magic Mushroom

    Psilocybe: Buy Trinity Cubensis


    Trinity magic mushroom is a unique hybrid strain that is derived from the original Penis Envy and Aztec God. It then underwent another crossing with another potent strain called Tidal Wave. The Trinity Magic Mushroom is definitely a strain to be used with caution as it is very potent. It is not suitable for beginners and even experienced users should plan their trip properly. Many people report experiencing very powerful visuals including fractals, geometric patterns, and colour shifts. What makes the Trinity unique is that it feels amazingly clear in the mind. This in turn leads to creativity and euphoria that isn’t present in other strains.

  • Sale! Buy Tidal Wave

    Psilocybe: Buy Tidal Wave


    Welcome to the amazing world of Tidal Wave shrooms! They pack a punch and are sure to take you on an unforgettable journey. These potent magic mushrooms will leave you feeling like you’re floating on waves of euphoria.

    The name Tidal Wave comes from the unique appearance of the mushrooms’ caps, which are wavy all around, and the large, dense stems.

    Tidal Wave mushrooms are a result of combining two classic strains – B+ and Penis Envy. B+ is famous for providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience, while Penis Envy is renowned for its incredible potency and visuals. By merging these two strains, Tidal Wave offers the perfect balance of relaxation and strength, making it a favourite among both beginner and experienced psychonauts.

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