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  • Ritual Relief Macro TinctureRitual Relief Macro Tincture

    Ritual Relief Daily Ritual Macrodose Tincture


    Our Daily Ritual Tincture guides your body and mind to a state of heightened performance. The energy boosting blend is the most versatile option to add to your diet. Get creative; add to your favourite breakfast foods, smoothies, coffee, or on its own and take control of you day.


    30ml / 7500mg of Psilocybe infused with Ashwagandha Root and Lion’s Mane


    Every 1ml (1 Dropper) is equivalent to 250mg of Psilocybe (dried mushroom equivalent)


  • Buy LSD Tincture

    Lucid LSD-25 Tincture


    Want to incorporate LSD in your daily routine but don’t want to get high? Lucid LSD-25 Tincture is the perfect solution. At only 15.5ug per mL, one drop is all you need to get your day started. But if you want the stronger experience we also carry the 100ug per ml. All our products are lab tested to ensure the correct dosage and potency. Unlike other tinctures on the market, our solution is true LSD-25, not an analogue (1P-LSD). The solution consists of the active ingredient and distilled water. It is prepared in a sterile environment to avoid contamination.

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